Potter League & Nowzad

Making a difference one dog at a time

When the Potter League announced they would be receiving four dogs from Afghanistan in August 2019, even dog lovers were skeptical. Why would the shelter take in animals from overseas when there were so many in need here? To gain local support, the Potter League needed to show people why these four dogs were worth the effort. They turned to Peter to help tell the story.

The dogs were being brought over by Nowzad, an international animal charity and sister shelter to the Potter League. Founded in 2007 by Sgt. Pen Farthing, Nowzad reunites soldiers with their "battle buddies" and works to safeguard animals overseas. What the Potter League needed to express to its skeptics was the undeniable compassion behind saving these animals in need.

When Peter arrived at the shelter, he found people, dogs, and news crews immersed in a hectic scene. Interviews were conducted, video was recorded, and the dogs were led into temporary enclosures. While the crews packed up and the chaos subsided, Peter saw an opportunity.

Dan Tatsch, a Nowzad board director who traveled with the dogs, asked if he could go back in to say goodbye to them. Peter followed him into the shelter. As Dan said goodbye to each one — Zeus, Tope, Linus and Diesel — Peter captured the visible bond between them.

In the end, the news outlets shared the facts of the story. By digging deeper than anyone else, Peter helped the Potter League share the humanity.