Decof Barry Mega & Quinn

Fighting for clients like no one else

The attorneys at Decof, Barry, Mega & Quinn had approached Broad Arrow Creative looking for new profile photos. They were in the process of revamping the firm's website and rethinking how to present themselves. But the thinking only got as far as different backgrounds for headshots. Then they met with Peter, Broad Arrow's strategic director.

"Headshots are everywhere, but they don't tell you anything about a person," says Peter. "Most headshots are just a literal interpretation, a photo of someone's head." That's where most brands are missing an opportunity: turning run-of-the-mill headshots into messages that speak to a target audience. In this case, the attorneys needed to show potential clients exactly who would be representing them.

When Peter asked what made Decof, Barry, Mega & Quinn different from other attorneys, they said, "Most personal injury firms never go to court. We pride ourselves on being litigators — we do not settle out of court." Knowing that details and background are crucial to visual storytelling, Peter asked for access to an empty courtroom.

'We did group shots with everyone 'behind the bar (in the inner part of the courtroom), to symbolize their special place as litigators," Peter recalls. Other photos incorporated the deep wood backgrounds and stone elements that are instantly recognizable as being part of a courthouse. The message is simple: They go to court. They litigate. They fight for you.

Little did the attorneys realize they could draw something so powerful out of something as simple as a headshot.

After we contacted Peter, his first response was to meet with us to gain a better understanding of what we do.  He not only listened, but also had great ideas.  Peter was a pleasure to work with and made everyone feel comfortable. We are extremely pleased with the results.

Karen MacGovern