Everyone has a story to tell.

Creative Direction is the beginning of a journey to connect with your audience. It reveals who you are, your core values, what you do, and how you do it.

Visual storytelling photography focuses on what your audience cares about. It is what humanizes your brand. The results are often subtle but impactful.

It makes your brand story memorable and provokes an emotional response.

Here you will find client stories and examples of Creative Direction problem-solving using the Visual Storytelling approach.


Solo Perche Gallery

Solo Perché

Passionate about making an impact

A Parkinson’s survivor, Chris Eagan founded Solo Perché with a purpose: to donate a portion of every retail sale to medical research and charitable organizations dedicated to improving the lives of others.

Decof Barry Mega & Quinn Lawyers

Decof Barry Mega & Quinn

Fighting for clients like no one else

The attorneys at Decof, Barry, Mega & Quinn had approached Broad Arrow Creative looking for new profile photos. They were in the process of revamping the firm’s website and rethinking how to present themselves.

Potter League & Nowzad Client Story

Potter League & Nowzad

Making a difference one dog at a time

When the Potter League announced they would be receiving four dogs from Afghanistan in August 2019, even dog lovers were skeptical.